Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

Ciudad Obregon,Mexico

Ciudad Obregon is located in the Yaqui country and has become the capital of business tourism in the region due to its variety of entertainment and culture, hotel infrastructure, attractive landscapes, and tourist trade

About Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

Ciudad Obregon is the county seat of Cajeme and the second city in size and importance of the state of Sonora, in northern Mexico. This town is surrounded by the beaches of the Sea of Cortez, the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, Mayo Valley, the Port of Guaymas, and the beaches of San Carlos. The city has a variety of entertainment and culture, an excellent hotel infrastructure, attractive tourist landscapes, and a growing trade industry, which has become the tourism business capital of Sonora.

Ciudad Obregon is located in Yaqui territory, an indigenous town famous for its independence, since it was one of the few ethnic groups of the continent that was not dominated by the Spanish military. The Museum of the Yaqui People exhibits their history, language, values, traditions, festivals, music, and more. Another place you can visit is the Museum of the Revolution, located in the former home of General Alvaro Obregon, considered among the best and most complete revolutionary museums of Mexico.

Náinari Lagoon, known as the girlfriend of Ciudad Obregon, is the main place for family recreation. It features zip lines across the lake, a floating dock for sport fishing, and dancing fountains that are illuminated at night. You can visit Ostimuri Park, adjacent to the lagoon, featuring rides, a zoo, and food stalls. Álvaro Obregón Dam or Oviachic Dam, which is 24 kilometers (14 mi) from the city, is popular for fishing; it has a gazebo with a wide view of the dam and the valley of the Yaqui River. On the way to this popular place you can find water parks, pool complexes, and streams. In addition, Dique 10 is located near the dam, here you can enjoy water sports, mountain biking, and extreme sports.

The Monumental Waterfall is very similar to the fountain-volcano at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas. The combination of its waterfalls and reflectors creates shades that get the attention of children and adults at night. Alvaro Obregon Square is a reference and meeting point, where you can find the Monument to General Alvaro Obregon, the Sun Clock, built in 1988, the Monumental Clock, the City Hall, where you can see several murals with the history of Cajeme; the Public Library, which houses the history of the city; and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that features contemporary architecture.

The two most famous sculptures of Ciudad Obregon are the Yaqui Dancer, built in 1966, symbolizing the characteristic Deer Dance, and the Indio Cajeme, warrior and defender of the Yaqui tribe. Music, theater, and visual arts play an important role in the culture of Ciudad Obregon, which has several art galleries presenting exhibitions produced periodically by local, national, and international artists. In addition, there are concerts and performances at the Oscar Russo Theater.

For shopping lovers, Plaza Tutuli is the oldest and largest shopping center in Ciudad Obregón.  Another option is Mercajeme Municipal Market, offering delicious local food and crafts.

Among the events held in the city are the Obregon Expo, in May, and the Tetabiakte Festival of Arts and Culture, featuring music, painting, film, poetry, book presentations, and samples of the culture and traditions of the Yaqui ethnic group.

***The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN).