Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


Tijuana is located on the border with the American city of San Diego. This area is internationally famous for being "the world's most visited border", "the corner of Mexico", or "the gate to Mexico", and its motto is "The fatherland begins here"

About Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Tijuana is the most populous city of the Mexican state of Baja California. It is 170 kilometers (105.7 mi) west of Mexicali, the state capital, and is head of the municipality of the same name. The city is home to numerous multinational corporations and is recognized as an important new cultural mecca. More than 50 million people cross the border between Tijuana and San Diego each year. San Ysidro Port of Entry is the busiest border crossing in the world.

The city was founded in 1889. From the 1950s through part of the 1970s, Tijuana came to be considered one of the most visited cities in the world. The donkey painted like zebra is an icon of Tijuana, where tourists can take an artisanal souvenir photo. Another attraction of the city is Tijuana Cultural Center, a circular original structure that houses a museum of anthropology, a theater-hall for shows, one of the four planetary theaters nationwide, and an OMNIMAX screening room. There are also museums such as El Trompo, an interactive museum of science and technology for children; and the Wax Museum, where wax representations of famous US and Mexican celebrities are exhibited.

Other attractions of this destination are Grupo Caliente betting centers, the Jai Alai building with courts to play this Basque sport similar to racquetball, and José María Morelos State Park, which features a zoo, sulfuric hot springs, Spas, and a beach.

The historic center of Tijuana houses the Old City Hall, Temple of St. Francis of Assis, and Paseo de los Heroes Avenue, the gateway to major attractions such as the hotel zone, banks, and various stores. Paseo Ensenada features the beach area, a popular meeting point with shopping centers and restaurants. The beaches of Tijuana are suitable for water sports such as surfing, body boarding, and kayaking. To see all the attractions, you can take a city tour or tour the destination by your own.