Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico


The city of Torreon is located in the Mexican state of Coahuila and is part of the region known as La Comarca Lagunera; it is a destination an important industrial and commercial activity

About Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

Torreon was founded in 1907, when due to the industrial movement under the rule Porfirio Díaz, a train station was built in the territory. The city took its name from an old tower-shaped building in the vicinity that served as a lookout point.

Despite being one of the youngest cities of Mexico, The City of Best Efforts, as Torreon is also known, has strong commercial, industrial, agriculture, and services activities. The city offers prestigious hotels, entertainment venues, such as the University Cultural Center and the Centennial Coliseum of Torreon, and attractions for the whole family.

If you wish to visit the most representative places of Torreon, there are buildings of great architectural beauty in the historic center, as the Cathedral of Carmen, Martínez Theater, and the Laguna Casino. In addition, you can find Fundadores Park, for family recreation activities, which was built in honor of those who contributed to Torreon’s founding. Also, Torreon features multipurpose courts, a jogging track, an artificial lake, and an outdoor theater, which presents regional shows.

An important place in Torreon is De la Noas Hill, where you can visit La Casa del Cerro Museum, exhibiting photographs and items that tell the history of the city, and the famous Christ of the Noas, a figure with a height of 20 meters (65 ft), similar to Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Other prominent places in the city are Plaza Mayor, a square built to commemorare the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico; Torreon’s Gate, which is the monument that represents the city; and Alameda Ignacio Zaragoza, one of the main meeting points for local people.

Due to its proximity to the desert area of Coahuila, Torreon is a starting point for those looking for adventure and natural landscapes. The Bilbao Dunes, 50 kilometers (30 mi) from Torreón, are ideal for sandboarding fans. In addition, Cuatrociénegas Valley is 240 kilometers (144 m) away, boasting one of the most beautiful wetlands in the country.

***The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN).